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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Why we don't smile sometimes (1)

     Was quite happy today until i met these few customers :

Customer A : Do you have these medicine?? ( showing a few types of pills without labels, indication or 
                     any  marks on the tablets)
Me              : Oh, can i know what are these for? I need to know before i can give you any medicine.
Customer A : HUH?! You don't know what are these??? Are you sleeping in class ?? How am i suppose
                     to know what are these? you are suppose to tell me. Ai.. Don't know you have license 
                     or not.

Customer B : Do you have this product ? ( a direct selling product or some unknown product or some 
                     products from overseas)
Me              : Sorry, we don't have this, if it is ok for you, i can recommend you with something that has 
                     the same active ingredient.
Customer B : What ? ! Pharmacy XYZ has this. Why your shop don't keep this. Everything also don't 
                     have. You are causing so much trouble for me.  @!%* @ ( rude words)

       I know usually we need to great customers with a smile, but, don't forget that we are humans too. When you meet with just one unreasonable people, you maybe able to ignore it; but if you encountered a few of the same kind in a row, it would really ruin one's day. 

        Now, let me explain why we can't give you your medicine, customer A:
       First of all, a pharmacist is not any "super computer" who can just scan the unknown medicine that you passed us and get the right one for you. There are so many pharmaceutical companies that produce different drugs today.Without knowing the name of the drug or the indication, we won't be able to provide you with the medicine that you want. Won't you be afraid if i just pass you some white tablets if you show me some white tablets? Won't you ask what are they? What are the danger that it will cause?? You maybe in great risk if you take the wrong medicine. So, it would be best if you could bring us the prescription =)

      About customer B,
      There are many companies that produce the same drug. It is quite impossible for us to keep products from each and every company ( especially overseas company, as some are not even imported into Malaysia). So, please try to be a little more understanding before you start opening your mouth.  

Just a joke of the day

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